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The most addicting memory, speed and coordination game either. Uber competitive..who can get the best time?

Ask players to answer five successive multiple-choice questions in their heads and then unscramble a five-letter word based on the answers. Uber fun.

Sudoku-like game with color marbles instead of numbers, slightly addicting.

Another great option for smaller game night.

The object of this gravity-defying word game is to earn the most points by adding letters to a tower of words. Shoot for longer words going upward, downward or sideways to score more points.

Hidden mazes, a mystical theme and a Master Wizard combine in an enchanting memory game aptly named The Magic Labyrinth. In the game, players must collect lost objects before the Master Wizard notices they’re missing.

In Bananagrams, players race to be the first to use all their tiles in connecting and intersecting words. Since everyone plays at the same time and speed matters more than word length, one hand can be played is as little as five minutes.

The object of Tsuro is to place tiles in a square adjacent to your stone playing piece in order to build a safe path for your stone’s journey while trying to work your opponents’ stones off the board.