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flooring it past fear is the best way to stay on course. - #pepperletter

the beautiful thing about pitchers is that the more they pour themselves out, the more space they have to be refilled. - #pepperletter

"you can't be angry with yourself and merciful to yourself at the same time" - joyce meyer via the latest #pepperletter

On Giving Yourself a Generous Helping of Grace...

your true nature is luminous (it truly is!)

taking time to breathe in the brightness of others helps us radiate blessings to the rest of the brood. - #pepperletter

The practice of peace keeps our hearts and minds safe from the pain of distress, and blessed by the promise and sweetness of rest. #pepperletter

The world belongs to the ENTHUSIASTIC. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

A love that lights up the sky. [Rumi] #pepperletter

The process of becoming who you are involves unlearning your shame.

We are blessed to be a blessing. #pepperletters

On the delights of a daring attitude... (via Pepper Letters)

You inspire me with your determination and I love you.