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The Handmade Dress: Henna Recipe . . . would love to try homemade henna sometime!

Mehndi Glass Pretty Unique Glassware - the home of custom artisan glassware. Crystal glass.Dishwasher safe. Henna style designs. Hand painted, one of a kind wine and champagne glasses. Wedding Giftware. Option to personalize

Family Symbol Tattoo | family symbol tattoos designstattoo ideas for family infinity symbol ...

Simple and cute tattoo. I love my pet dog. So this might be my next tattoo.

interesting geometric design by henna vibes

Take one breath... (shoulder blade tattoo) and then take another Repeat these simple steps until you feel like you’re doing better Take one breath, just let the calm of it consume you Everybody knows that it’s never fair There’s really only one thing we can do

My back shoulder blade tattoo

Small bird shoulder blade tattoo

Shoulder blade tattoo. Every storm runs out of rain. Absolutely in love.

More of a Shoulder Blade Tattoo

On my shoulder blade!

Never really wanted a tattoo until I saw this

I think, that this is what I'm going to get once I turn 18. On my right shoulder blade is what I'm thinkin'

simple hand inspiration - would be cool to incorporate somewhere else too

"This too shall pass"...I believe this may very well be my next tattoo...maybe even in this location...different writing style tho

Mangoes on the edge of the swirls

Henna flower on foot

Flowers and vines on foot henna tattoo