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African Scops owl on the branch of a camelthorn tree in Namibia -- "…resting during the day, this tiny owl [just 6.5" long] is at risk... So it perches tightly pressed against a tree trunk…It can also elongate its body & lean sideways to make it look even more like the surrounding branches. Were the bird to open fully its large, bright orange eyes, its disguise would be ruined. But it did peek with one eye at wildlife photographer Thomas Dressler just 'to see what I was doing'."

This is for my mother. She hates those damn squirrels that get in the feeders.

"This Service Dog Hang Glides With His Owner: In order to do his duty, Shadow hangs out in the skies in a special harness his owner made to bring him along." -- Click through for a series of amazing gifs.

Baby kangaroo

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Just another vicious Pitbull


Even the big cats like boxes