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Use staple gun to wrap fabric around canvas. B was bought at Hobby Lobby and painted silver (was black).

Bake marbles at 325/350 for 20 min. Put in ice water to make them crack on the inside. Glue end caps to them with starter rings to create pretty pendants!

Chrysanthemum Mirror made out of plastic spoons.

marzipan! marzipan! marzipan! cake recipe.cover cake with marzipan instead of fondant.Much more elegant and the taste....{LOVE}

576 loads of laundry for $6. I have pinned this before, but I like these directions better. (update: made this and works awesome, I will never spend $10 on one thing of laudry soap again!)

This Earring Travel Case is a useful little project that only costs about $2 to make. Congrats, you’ve just earned your Thriftiness badge!

For Easter...It will drive people crazy wondering how you got the candy inside!

the coolest DIY egg carton trick ever: turn a string of Christmas lights into flower-shaped fairy lights.

This is the coolest thing I have EVER seen!!!! I am making a million of these right now! Amazing Christmas present idea!!! this is freaking BRILLIANTTTT

Buy plates from Dollar Store Use a Sharpie and decorate...Bake at 350 for 30 min. Becomes permanent and safe - could do with quotes, monogram, or special days of the year.

this blog has pretty "high-end looking" DIYs. Great for us poor kids living in la la land ;)

How to make these fire bowls, oil lamps, and other DIY winter warmth projects.