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A small puppy wandered up to U.S. Marines from Alpha Company, in Marjah, Afghanistan. After following the Marines numerous miles, a soft hearted Marine picked the puppy up and carried the puppy in his drop pouch.

what kind of fish is this? i haven't been able to find the answer anywhere. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • kim

    Looks like a Beta. Really pretty.

  • Kaela Vance

    looks like a beta to me.... there are all kinds of them

  • Karen Puente

    Blue betta fighting fish...

  • Karen Puente

    Blue betta fighting fish...

  • Jessica Jeric

    I've looked up all the breeds of beta.. I'll admit it does resemble one, but none of the models of the breeds had a tail quite like this. One of my friends suggested a mutation or a cross-breeding or both. If anyone knows anyone who knows anything about fish, tweet or send me a message on Facebook. I've made it my quest to figure this fish out!

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Grown-up Calvin and Hobbes in real life...

5 month old shepherd. this will be my doggie. they so handsome

cat, i'm a kitty cat - Kendall Krider