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Cardio bursts + standing abs = your flat-belly workout. And it is only 20 minutes!

Top 10 Tips To Do Yoga At Home - yoga style - healthandfitnessn...

Top 10 Tips To Do Yoga At Home – Top Inspired

This is literally the cutest online store EVER

Tribal Tank | Women's Clothing Boutique

Like a boss.

French Braid DIY Tutorial @Katie Hrubec Hrubec Schmeltzer Schmeltzer-Beth Withers

Healing Herbs

Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you.

12 week half marathon training schedule - using this for the Baltimore Half Marathon

MY DREAM ASS...I was SO not born with...10 moves to sculpt that butt! These are helpful exercises for peoplewho just need to work on cellulite (not necessarily the bigger butt deal). Toning means the world in difference.

This quote is funny yet so true,however it definately make you empathetic to someone else having a hard time no matter what it may be. unless you're cold and heartless..then in that case, you really don't care at all. but that's okay :) i don't need fake people in my life. so good riddance :)

50 Healthy Habits (every girl should have) - Wallpaper & Scissors

26 Bikram Yoga postures.. 90 minute workout.

Yoga for the Splits: Print this out and practice these poses everyday to gain flexibility for the splits. Start by holding each pose for 30 seconds on each side. Work your way up to 1-3 minutes as your muscles start to open up. When you’re ready to try the splits use a block or pillow under your front leg for support until you feel ready to go without.

Squeeze a lemon and add baking soda until you make a thick creamy paste, leave on for up to 20min and rinse with cold water.

Water bottles and glow sticks make for perfect glow-in-th-dark backyard bowling pins. Make at least six of these, and use any kind of ball (basketball, soccer ball, etc.) to knock down your glowing pins.