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Noisli is a fantastic background noise and color generator ideal for working and relaxing. Plus Text Editor for distraction-free writing with plain text and Markdown support. It includes many high-quality sounds to help you focus while working, relieve anxiety or to just relax while reading or before going to sleep. Noisli also provides a color changing background, bringing to you the healthy benefits of the chromotherapy.

DIY Unique Braided Hairstyle 2

DIY Unique Braided Bun Hairstyle |

Yes yes very pretty but probably permanently damaging to the kid's feet as they can't be formed and strengthened properly yet jfc

Poppytalk: 8 Pretty DIYs to Try

Before Popping Pills, Cure Your Headache With These Yoga Poses. Need to remember this.

These are actually good tips. The last one made me laugh out loud.

NO THEY WON'T. Staff at Disneyworld are now getting shouted at almost every five minutes when they never have, and never will, drop to the ground. Firstly, it might hurt them, secondly, it would damage the suits. Stop spreading this around.