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Wealth or good parenting? Framing the privileges of the rich (click thru for more)

Median U.S. household income fell by 1/3rd since 2003 (click through for more)

US jobs are back, but they're no match for population growth (click thru for more)

If Homeless People Looked Like This, Would We Still Ignore Them?

This unfair meme is not new to the internet. In fact, I've seen it pass through my news feeds in one from or another for several years. Until now I've bitten my tongue and wondered why this was even an issue for some. Take a little time and read these comments because they are from people who have real life stories of why nice things are not exclusive to the wealthy.

Why Would We Not Want Someone On Welfare To Have An iPhone?

Yes! Female virginity should have no bearing on a woman's worth.

What happens when we strip headlines of their attempt at shock value and banal sexism? (click thru for more)

What happens when we strip headlines of their attempt at shock value and banal sexism? (click thru for more)

White Wash, the documentary, is a film exploring the complexity of race in America through the struggle and triumph of black surfers. Taking a look deep into America′s painful and pervasive legacy of slavery and exclusion. From surfing′s "discovery" by Captain James Cook in Hawaii in 1778 through the explosion of surf culture during the days of segregated Jim Crow America in the 1960′s, this film explores the myths that black surfers have overcome in their search for waves.

White Wash (2011)

Where did "Hispanics" come from? (click thru for analysis)

Guerrilla resistance to advertising reminds us not to take ads too seriously (click thru for more)

"Not virgins, not whores, just women" [click on this image to find a short clip and analysis, which takes up the topic of slut-shaming]

If you can't, then you're not necessary anyway!

Shed your weight problem here .... media influences men and sure influences young girls and women

Media Influence By: Miss. Representation

What's Ikea for? In China, it's for naps. Cultural differences in appropriate behavior (click thru to see more)

Mother, sex object, worker: The transformation of the female flight attendant (click thru for analysis)

Photoshop Examples (click thru for more)