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A star, a heart and petals, Oneiroi holds your imagination and lets you reflect on your dreams. Calming greens and pinks provide a restful focus and the central bead is wonderful to roll and spin. Think gently, dream big ...

Unusual, satirical and questioning, Momus represents the best in human endeavour. With an air of calm that only vintage styling can express, Momus is distinctly different. Select a bell or a tower – a joyful sound or a place of safety – as your central image. An heirloom in waiting...

The God of Love and all that means – pinks and greens, hearts and kisses, this piece celebrates love. If you’re a man, your woman will love it. If you’re getting married, this will remind your special girls of your day. Romantic, unashamedly female and full of unmistakable romance.

This rich and unusual bracelet is full of remembrance, memory and wisdom. Perhaps this will help to mark an occasion, a lesson learned, a salutary experience, a person, in a way which brings joy and beauty to its owner.

Maybe you love the sea because you remember falling asleep to its sound. Or perhaps you live far from it, but long for it fifty weeks of the year. Pontus offers you oceanic blues and the calmest of sea creatures, just dangling from your wrist, waiting to be played with in a stolen moment.

In mythology, Aether was the God of the upper heaven, the sky, the lightest of all air. A piece of heaven in delicate pinks, this bracelet reminds us to breathe joy and live life to the full. Perfect for a dash of girliness when our lives require a certain seriousness. What’s that peeking out from under your sleeve?

Unpredictable, quirky and wonderful, Typhon has the brightest of colours and embraces the unexpected. Perfect for you if you’re growing, searching and discovering. There are no limits...

In Greek mythology, Hypnos was the God of Sleep. Each bead in this bracelet is beautiful and complex. Spin them, breathe deeply – dream.

A Greek Goddess of affection, this piece is perfect for the favourite woman in your life. Yourself, your mama, sister, aunt, Bridesmaid, friend or Grandma, it expresses the joy of being female with a riot of pink and a filthy giggle. A truly happy bracelet.

Named after the Greek Goddess of the Earth, this bracelet embraces the soil and foliage, the roots and the branches of life on our planet. Containing a beautiful wooden bead – perfect for playing with when you need to feel grounded – Gaia is a true celebration for those who love nature, gardening, drawing life from the soil and mothering. A little bit of the world dangling from your wrist...

7 inch Nuestro Stainless Steel ID Bracelet... More InfoRetail Price - $99.99 Clearance Price - $19.99

1ct Sapphire and Diamond Pendant and Earrings Ensemble in SilverRetail Price Our Price Clearance $299.99 $129.99 $31.12

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EH Multicharm Bracelet $65.00

Princess Solitaire Diamond Pendant in White Gold $549 4 Prong 1/4ctw Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant on 18" Cable Chain through V shaped bail in White Gold

Princess Solitaire Diamond Pendant in White Gold $549 4 Prong 1/4ctw Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant on 18" Cable Chain through V shaped bail in White Gold

Graduated Shared Prong Engagement Set. Gorgeous takes on new meaning with this graduated, common prong Round Brilliant Diamond wedding set.