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Agnes Goodsir, A Letter from the Front / Girl On Couch, 1915.

Van Gogh Self Portrait I remember visiting as a kid in Detroit. Also the same day someone told me he cut his ear off.

A Árvore da Vida (1904) Gustav Klimt - Painel concebido para o Palácio Stoclet.

Raphael, A sketch of Cupid and Pysche Raphael

Leonardo da Vinci - L'Annunciazione Gabriel (1472-75)

Jacob Wrestling by Marc Chagall

La Branche, Marc Chagall (1887-1985). Chagall embraced the philosophy that love colored his paintings. Focusing extensively on his childhood, his happy, optimistic paintings defy the poverty of his upbringing in a Russian Shtetl. After a brief time in Paris, Chagall escaped to the US during World War II where his career reached new heights including a rare exhibit during his lifetime at the Louvre.

Odalisque, Theodore Jacques Ralli. Greek (1852-1909)

Vitruvian man - may be Leonardo himself

Odalisque, Theodore Jacques Ralli. Greek (1852-1909)