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Creating and Using a Wet Paper Stencil with Dry Sifted Enamel - Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

one of a kind enamel jewelry designs

Fun colors

bitter green and iris purple enameled flower pin

Painting with Fire

samplestrips on copper

Painting with Fire

How to torch fire enamel: tips, tool info, and more! |

Basic Jewelry Enameling: Torch Fired Tutorial with Pauline Warg

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Look what a little enamel can do for your metal and wire scraps and metal stamping mistakes! Enamel Makeovers: Turn Wire and Metal Scraps into Enameled Jewelry Components - Jewelry Making Daily blog

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Holding Agent/Enamel Adhesive – You can use enamel holding agent like Klyr-Fire (dilute with water 50/50) or use a cheap liquid hair spray (I was told the cheaper the hairspray the higher the alcohol content which works great, i.e. White Rain) One thing to remember is to let the piece dry after you sift your enamel before firing. If you put too much holding agent and there is wet enamel, it will pop during firing and leave holes. Safety Glasses – Always protect your eyes! Torch fire enamelin

Some tips for Torch-Fired Enamel

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