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Hundreds of Floating Umbrellas Above a Street in Agueda, Portugal / by Pedro Nascimento via Flickr

Humanoid faces made of doll parts : we present you the work of artist Freya Jobbins that creates her original and detailed assemblage by using plastic doll parts and toys. She uses miscellaneous pieces of dolls and toys to create these really cool but also creepy humanoid assemblages of faces, heads and larger busts.

Humanoid faces made of doll parts

Pink on Pink

#SaguaroColorHunt: A Colorful Couple’s Getaway! | Studio DIY®


Robert Chesebrough was down an oil well when he discovered a gooey substance known by workers as ‘rod wax.’ Chesebrough noticed how the workers would use the goo to heal cuts and burns. The entrepreneurial-minded chemist took a sample home for experimentation. Soon he managed to extract a usable petroleum jelly and in 1872 he patented the process before setting up business. By the late 1880s Chesebrough was selling Vaseline to Americans at the rate of one jar per minute.

10 Accidental Discoveries That Generated Great Wealth

Your reasons do not matter...

Tooled foil 'engraving' plate, painted with india ink (then wiped away) and burnished with steel wool. Corners are punched and art is mounted with brads.

My Adventures In Positive Space: Animal Engravings

Karlie Kloss for Vogue by by Annie Leibovitz. What a gorgeous picture

Taylor Aube • Karlie Kloss for Vogue July 2009 photographed by...

Photo by Araceli Paz

Fantastic & Free Picmonkey Font Combinations - I Heart Free Fonts

Fantastic & Free Picmonkey Font Combinations - I Heart Free Fonts