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How to survive AND enjoy a road trip with kids! - Mama Smiles - Joyful Parenting Road trips take a lot of planning and are a lot of work, but the payoff can be huge! What are your best tips for traveling with kids?

Here it is...the Ultimate Guide to Road Trips with Kids!!! 50 tips, tricks, and ideas--all tried and true from parents with lots of road trip experience. If you're traveling with kids, this is a must read!!! {}

The Ultimate Guide: Road Trips with Kids |

Lots of traveling with kids the hanging toiletries bag!

Traveling with kids - Packing the Car Tips and Tricks

Poke a straw through tops of yogurt or applesauce...healthy travel snack! {We did this on our road trip and it was a big hit! Cut straws in half and taped them to the sides of the container while transporting. Used non-fruit yogurt to make sure straw wouldn't clog}.

"S'mores" on the Go! Golden Grahams cereal, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips!

Smart Travel: 24 Mom-Tested Tips for Road Trips With Kids. Pack a bag for each DAY (not each person), plus a toiletries bag, and a snack bag. Individual lap trays from Walmart 5 bucks. Aluminum foil crafts en route. Audiobooks.

The Ultimate Road Trip Guide for Families -- Great Travel Items, Car Activities & Tips from Travel Saavy Parents

Tips for Keeping Kids Happy & Parents Sane on Road Trips - Awesome ideas! MUST remember for our next road trip!!

THE SISTERS FOUR: surviving traveling with toddlers

Tallahassee museum has zoo area and a living history museum. $9 for adults and $6 for kids older than 4.

Fly a kite... along the beach or at this big park

Wakullah springs near Tallahassee $6 per car.

Tallahassee things to do

Practical, easy ideas that make family vacations affordable - you can afford a vacation!

50 Travel Tips & Activities: how to travel with kids, activities, snacks, books and a little something called patience

Tips for Traveling with Kids - Long Car Rides: leave early, like 4 am (kids will go back to sleep); NO CRAYONS (they melt); map of the states with colored pencils -- you color in the state when you see their license plate; new toys just for the trip!

Smart Travel: 24 Mom-Tested Tips for Road Trips With Kids