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The Fuehrer poses with the Future of Nazi Germany, a very young member of the Hitler Youth. A dark image, both literally and metaphorically.

A Polish boy liberated by Americans at a concentration camp enjoys his first meal of US Army rations.


MG-34 , wschodnim . 1941

Berlin housewives washing clothes at a water hydrant, 1945

Remembering Pearl Harbor

  • Bill Warner

    Someone should have been stood infront of a court martial for allowing all these ships to be in port at the same time. Thank god naval air was at sea.

Himmler with SS subordinates

The Soviet KV-2, possibly the largest operational tank in the world in 1941, stranded by the road and overtaken by horse-drawn units of the German army

German soldiers with Panzer IV

SS-Standartenführer Joachim Peiper (right), serving with SS-Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler on the Eastern Front, is photographed in conversation with another officer probably in 1943. Peiper, adjutant to Heinrich Himmler between 1940 and 1941, was Himmler's protege and one of the most aggressive young panzer commanders of WW2. He survived the war and was murdered in France in 1976.

Gdańsk - German attack on the Polish Post Office defended by the office staff.

Galeria - miejsca - Galeria - Kampania Wrześniowa

A German casualty on D-Day; France - 6 June 1944. Photo by Bob Landry for LIFE Magazine