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Geiselhinrichtung in Pancevo, 1941. Hostages being murdered on the sidewalk in Pancevo.

68 years ago today, Winston Churchill crossed the River Rhine near Wesel.

British Forces - Victors

Americans cross the Siegfried Line. The Allied advance from Paris to the Rhine was one of the final Allied phases in WW II of the Western European Campaign. This phase spans from the end of the Operation Overlord (25 August 1944) incorporating the German winter counter offensive through the Ardennes (aka the Battle of the Bulge) up to the Allies preparing to cross the river Rhine in the early months of 1945.

Forward battery of the USS Nevada firing on targets at Utah Beach, DDay.

Gen George C. Patton Jr, commanding US 3rd Army, confers with two of his divisional commanders, Major-General Manton S Eddy (left) and Major-General Horace MacBride, 1944.

Not published in LIFE. American commanders in underground headquarters, housed in a centuries-old network of catacombs, Anzio, 1944.

Anzio: Rare and Classic World War II Photos From Italy |

Not published in LIFE. Sign posted at intersection in the American sector during Battle of Anzio, 1944

Anzio: Rare and Classic World War II Photos From Italy |

Polnische Kriegsgefangene, 1939. Polish prisoners of war.

Parade der Wehrmacht in Warschau, 1939. Parade of the German army in Warsaw.

MICHELANGELO'S DAVID : Created between 1501 and 1504. During WWII, the statue was too massive to be transported out of Florence to safety, so it was hidden behind a newly constructed brick wall. As General Mark Clark (U.S. 5th Army), declared with frustration, fighting in Italy amounted to conducting war "in a goddamn museum."

RUSSIA 1941 - German troops unwanted and facing danger from partisans - "Danger - Partisans! Single vehicles stop! Passage only for two vehicles or more Have your weapons/guns ready.''

Prague 1945 - A German officer lies on the pavement during the Prague Uprising. The uprising was an attempt by the Czech Resistance to liberate the city of Prague from German occupation. Events began on 5 May 1945. The uprising continued until 8 May 1945, ending in a German victory and ceasefire. Victory though was short-lived.Τhe Soviet Army arrived in the city on 9 May 1945. Prague, Czechoslovakia

Anti-Worlds : Photo

Warsaw Uprising. 1944, 4th August - A unit of the Direlewanger troops - they were nasty and killed without mercy. Nazi brutality knew no bounds.

Operation Greif involved English-speaking German soldiers wearing captured Allied uniforms and vehicles as spies contrary to the Hague Convention rules of war to cause confusion in the rear of the Allied lines during the Battle of the Bulge. This is one of the spies being tied to a stake for execution in December 1944.

Members of the French resistance in Cherbourg shear the hair of women who collaborated with the Germans during the occupation.

May 1945: A US Army soldier unwraps an old master painting by the 18th century painter Fragonard. This along with other art treasures was found at Neuschwanstein Castle, Fussen, Germany, where the Nazis kept treasures stolen from throughout Europe during the Second World War. (Photo by Horace Abrahams/Keystone/Getty Images)

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