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Lepa Svetozara Radić (1925–1943) was a partisan executed at the age of 17 for shooting at German soldiers during WW2. As her captors tied the noose around her neck, they offered her a way out of the gallows by revealing her comrades and leaders identities. She responded that she was not a traitor to her people and they would reveal themselves when they avenged her death. She was the youngest winner of the Order of the People's Hero of Yugoslavia, awarded in 1951.

Native Americans in World War Two..a HUGE contribution to the ultimate success as "Wind Talkers." The Germans and the Japanese could never understand them and they were excellent radio men.

Schoolgirls in gas masks. WWII.

Haunting photo of Czech citizens having to greet invading German troops, October 1938.

Ptak Science Books: "Vacation-Land" Czechoslovakia, Summer 1937

Battle of the Bulge


Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler observes field training during a visit to a forward formation. Himmler had prominent illusions about his capacity as senior combat leader and was constantly on field trips to "evaluate" Waffen SS training. When shortly before the end of the war he was given a high command post, he failed disastrously and was quick in trying to escape capture.

German soldiers, date unknown. The reality of War. Many soldiers on both sides were little more than kids. Thrown into uniform and given scant training, they were forced to endure combat and conditions that eventually broke even the hardest of the hard-hearted. They also died in droves. Just because they fought for Germany didn't necessarily mean they were Nazis or held Nazi views. The Concentration Camps were Hell, no doubt, but during WWII, Hell stretched in every direction.

U.S. nurses walk along a beach in Normandy, France on July 4, 1944, after they had waded through the surf from their landing craft. They are on their way to field hospitals to care for the wounded allied soldiers.

World War II: Women at War

This girl pays the penalty for having had personal relations with the Germans. In the Montelimar area, France, French civilians shave her head as punishment. August 29, 1944.

Private John L. Drugan and Pal, May 1945. Pal was responsible for saving an entire Marine platoon from an ambush on Okinawa after discovering a hidden Japanese machine gun nest.

Once Upon a Time in War

A US soldier carrying a French child in Trévières

Once Upon A Time In War

Battle of the Bulge


Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1941.

The beginning: Pearl Harbor (18 HQ Photos)

Portrait of a German Wehrmacht Oberfeldwebel following the Third Battle of Kharkov, which was a series of battles on the Eastern Front, undertaken by the German Army Group South against the Soviet Army, around the city of Kharkov between 19 Feb 1943 and 15 Mar 1943. The German counterstrike led to the destruction of approximately 52 Soviet divisions and the recapture of the cities of Kharkov and Belgorod. Kharkov Oblast, Ukraine, Soviet Union. April 1943.

Anatoli Egorov, The musical moment. Breslau 1945

A sweet innocent moment in the middle of carnage: Pvt Alvin Harley of the 9th Armored Division gets a kiss from a little French girl in Abancourt, France on Valentine's Day 1945. Note the very serious puppy attending the instant. A wonderful photo indeed!

London underground during the war, 1941.

Berlin, 1945

WWII Photography

French soldiers in a bunker on the Maginot Line surrendering in 1940 to German soldiers. Flickr

The Fuehrer poses with the Future of Nazi Germany, a very young member of the Hitler Youth. A dark image, both literally and metaphorically.

A Polish boy liberated by Americans at a concentration camp enjoys his first meal of US Army rations.


Sherman Tanks in Paris #WorldWar2 #Tanks

Sherman Tanks during World War II | World War Stories

Children in gas masks