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MIT hack turns campus building into giant, playable multi-color Tetris game. Awesome.

I would totally repaint my bed neon yellow, but the accent wall behind the bed is a canary I don't think that would fly. But this is AWESOME!

Break out the Rollers: Colorfully Painted Furniture

When I grow up, I want a neon door in my big girl house.

The Windy City. The Second City. The City of Big Shoulders. Chi-town. No matter what you call it, there is no other place we would rather be. This place has it all - the Columbian Exposition, the Great Fire, deep-dish pizza, jazz, machine politics, Al Capone, Barack Obama! Whether you come from halfway across the world of 40 minutes away in the suburbs, no other place has the same charm. From day one, Chicago is your playground.

My absolute dream of a workspace.

Rockefeller Chapel and tulips -- two of my favorite things

The real world should include meetings outside on nice days just like college included classes outside.