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Jennifer Moncrief Hentschel

Jennifer Moncrief Hentschel

You know, for someone who's "over it" who's moved on, who doesn't think about me ever, who doesn't compete with me, who isn't jealous of sure do a lot of talking about it. This e card is right..they make something for those wrinkles sweetie and it's not called Photoshop!!!!!. Buh bye now. lol :)

So funny that this actually happened when I ran into her fat ass for the first time in 6 years. Didn't recognize her because I don't stalk her, and she blew up like a whale. But apparently she recognized me immediately. Hmm.

Congratulations on being a hypocrite.

I'm glad you found friends that are equally as bitchy as you to talk shit about me with.

All women can relate, and even one is far too many. #Yesallwomen

Mind. Blown. So easy!

♥ You Do!! The most incredibly beautiful face out there in a sea of people! There is no one like YOU!! So special!!!! I'm going to go brave the crowds & enjoy some time by myself. I Miss YOU!!!! I Do!!!***