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Juliet Hougland

Juliet Hougland

DIY - Garden Arch - A simple timber arch in the garden is an ideal feature for helping to separate different areas or for training climbing plants. This tutorial describes building a simple and decorative timber arch

How to Build a Simple Entry Arbor...I think we're going to build this!

Reminds me of a couch my grand parents had.

Nice reading chair

Dead center light orange could be the wall color in the living room

Not sure if I really want this, but I think it points out that trim can make dramatic colors work.

Turquoise Damask 14 Inch Decorative Pillow by MaidOfHonorFund, $20.00

Warm natural wood looks good with blues and warm neutrals.

I like these colors (not the brown) for the living room.

The orange, green and blue are nice together. I'd like this color combo in the living room.

Mark a horizontal mid line on the wall, and hang all pictures above or below it

Wolfgang Landauer was tasked to design a special edition of the Überzeitung newspaper. He created this literally huge, almost human-sized, issue that is full of beautiful typography, combined with excellent shots of black & white photography.

Atolla is a deep sea jelly fish which can be up to 10" across and looks more like a flower than an animal. When touched or disturbed it produces bright, rapidly-flashing circles of blue bioluminescent light that scientists think may confuse would-be hunters. (Photo by Larry Madin, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) #Jellyfish

A Flamingo Tongue snail crawls over soft corals in the Caribbean. In an "arms race" over evolutionary time, the corals developed toxins that deter predators, but the snail evolved a group of genes and proteins called a "defensome" that detoxify coral compounds and allow it to eat the corals. (Photo by Kristen Whalen, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) #Shellfish

Siphonophore: Although this marine invertebrate appears to be a single organism, it is actually a colony of individual animals. (Photo by Larry Madin, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) #Hydrozoa

Illustrations by Marcela Gutiérrez

30 Creative Ideas for Maximizing Storage Space around Stair