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Guest room. four 1X6 boards, a sanding block, and a can of stain. Hang with large 3M strips (up to 16lbs and these are just over 5lbs each). I love this!!

#Organization - Hang Jewelry. Just hang a cheap towel rack and use cheap shower rings as a wonderful way to keep your necklaces organized.

Crates from Michael's, stain or paint. How cool is this??

cute and clever - silverware drawer trays used as jewelry organizers in closet. #repurposed

Milk crates zip-tied together on their sides so that a bench seat fits on top and red bins from Lowe's can slide inside them. NEED to make!

Scan children's art work and then print out in smaller size. Frame. Now make art gallery in hallways of your children's art:)

Mark a horizontal midline on the wall, and hang all pictures above or below it... Whoa - this is sort of brilliant.

Coffee beans & tea lights. The warmth from the candles makes the coffee beans smell amazing.---Whoa!