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Use a twin sheet folded long ways. Sew 5 sections to the size of pillowcases and slip the pillows in. Leave each 'pillow compartment' end open so the pillows can be removed and we can wash the cover.

12th Grade: College Planning Timeline

12th Grade: College Planning Timeline

What a great idea instead of a pool have a small splash pad. Safer and saves space. YES!!!! DREAM KID BACKYARD!

Splash Pad Gallery

Dip cups in black paint, press on paper to make design, let dry, then paint inside the spaces

What to Expect: Fun Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

not your typical bedtime routine. also in the comments - When we were kids growing up,our bedtime was always at 8, but if we were in bed by 7:30, we could stay up reading until 8:30. It not only taught us that reading was a reward and not a punishment, but it also got us in bed earlier – extra bonus points for mom!

a better bedtime routine - getting kids to go to bed

32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius | EchoBrown

After 15 years of failed allowance systems and chore charts that were way too much work, I found an easy system that works for us.

Moon Sand - Flour + Baby oil! I did this with my daughter and she was completely occupied for over 30 minutes! I halved the recipe and it was plenty to play with.

Science fair experiments.. Because you never know when your kid will need an idea

21 creative consequences . . . all I can say is that I'm glad my Mom wasn't on Pinterest when I was a child! some of these are really clever ideas

DIY giant floor pillows Great for when friends sleepover or when family & little cousins spend the nights over holiday breaks!

Ice Cream in a Bag This is SOOO easy… and delicious! In a small Ziplock bag, put: 1/2 C. half and half (milk works too) 1 Tbps. sugar 1 tsp. vanilla Insert that bag into a larger, one gallon Ziplock filled with ice and salt. Shake the bag for five minutes. Kids love that part! Then, remove the smaller bag which should have turned into ice cream.

101 Websites That Every Elementary Teacher (And mom!) Should Know About

Santa Letter, for when the kids find out