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Only one in 10,000 hedgehogs is born albino, with red eyes. Although it seems as though the creamy hue of their spines would make it difficult for them to hide from predators, hedgehogs in the wild often rummage through dirt, which aides in camouflaging their bodies.

Please repost---if this helps one person to adopt from a shelter, one person to spay or neuter their pet, one less pet to die unloved...then we've done something good. > Made me sick at heart to even think about it... Please Adopt!

This is an eastern pygmy possum. Weighing just 15-43 grams, they're found from southern Queensland to eastern South Australia and Tasmania

18 Beautiful Images of Friendship and Love of Various Animals

The happiest little hedgehog ever! OMGAHH! That face, and his little tongue! I can't stop looking

Photos of Truly Adorable Animals in Snow

Please help save the lives of the homeless pets in the shelter and be a responsible pet owner. Spay, neuter and rescue!