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Do you know the secrets of how to pursuit girls or boys? Learn about the movie Think like a man, you will get the secrets. It is so funny falling in love!

It is a moving movie about love, the girl is thought as the lucky one, because her picture has supported the soldier’s spirit and life in the war. He decides to find out the girl to thank her, and then the romantic loving story begins.

Channing Tatum’s latest film, 21 Jump Street is a comedy about crime and two high school graduates become the police heroes of their minds.

How many American Pies have you seen? This is the forth of the series, American reunion. You may know what is it about, graduated friends, get reunion, share about life experience, become more mature… In all, it is still as funny as the formers.

The great comedy of 2012 Three Stooges is full of fun, which makes us LOL! The three ugly men is making great jokes in their life, but they are lovely fools.

Do you know Ted? Ted is a funny bear who can speak to its master, and make so many jokes and bad things between the master and his girlfriend. It is really funny to enjoy!