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Celebrate the renewal of your Baptismal Vows with the Holy Spirit Shrine. Framed in deep blue with golden accents, it boasts flanking golden twist columns framing the artistic depiction of the Holy Dove.

Holy Spirit Backyard Shrine

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Wind chime (furin) of Shoin shrine, Japan. Most homes in the summer have a furin hanging. They have so many different designs & collecting them is great fun. The sound of these bells on a hot summer night gives one pleasure. Japan is a country full of simple pleasures.

My friend, Sheilah's Gram Parson's shrine in her home! ♥

Our Lady Of Guadalupe & Wooden Shrine Set - Religious Goods and Folk Art - For the Home Southwest Indian Foundation

Beautiful shrine. I would love something like this in my home. If only the land lord would let me attach things to the walls.

Home outdoor shrine

Laurie Zuckerman Creates Christian Altars and Shrines for Jewish Family Members

Wayside Shrine near Ixtapalapa, Mexico

Wayside Shrine in Mikolow County, Silesian, Poland

Wayside Shrine near Ebenthal, Carinthia, Austria

Wayside Shrine near Salzburg, Austria

Wayside Shrine near Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Wayside Shrine in Rochester

Wayside Shrine in San Andres, Manila, Philippines