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I can't believe we have 6 more months of this. Plus we were just bombarded with ads from the primaries. As soon as this election is over we'll have a few months of no political ads before it starts all over... MAKE IT STOP!

Having all vowels when playing Scrabble to Words with Friends...

Know-it-alls (even though I am one)

Can't we all just get along? (and quit telling me what to do)

Bald men in denial

I hate that only some pages in a magazine have page numbers.

Men who think they are "it."

Camping. Look, I know some of you love it. Just point me in the direction of the nearest Marriott. Cheers.

That the sun won't burn forever.

Presents from Grandparents. They're never good!

OMG... death to Precious Moments!

Busy bodies. Nosey people. Mrs. Kravtiz

If you can't drive, stay home.