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Dress size vs. Self Esteem

Were These Ads for Real? - Jill Will Run

I have it, on very good authority, that the quest for perfection our society demands can leave the individual gasping for breath at every turn - Diana, Princess of Wales

Striving for something that doesn't exist - Jill Will Run

but if girls feel good about themselves, how are we going to sell them things they don't need?

15 Tips for Raising Kids with a Positive Body Image. Even if you're not planning to have kids, this is worth a read because it has a lot to say about our culture's distorted views of size and health. Good reminder/reality check for those of us who are trying to change some unhealthy habits to not turn it into a numbers game... or a reflection of our self worth. :) Even those of us who aren't parents have kiddos in our lives who are watching and learning from our examples.

Pinterest Peeve: Pinning half naked women as motivation to achieve your unrealistic and unhealthy goal of looking like a starved super model.