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The office has been so bad this allergy season, I've actually caught myself saying this -- or, something approximating it. They make Claritin for this, people!!!

Don’t expect another one

Was looking at the bill from my Chinese dinner and found this. It's worth mentioning I have a severe seafood allergy.

Funny blog post for people who suffer from sinus issues, allergies, and congestion. Pin it. You know you want to

S'not Funny!! - Oil The Time

Obviously a boy because it thinks it has all the right answers ;)

Yes, watching kids' soccer is much harder than playing it.

Funny Confession Ecard: I love gangsta rap. I like to think that I'm still from the hood that I never lived in. Just keepin' it real.

Sons of anarchy season 6 finale

Never gets old!!! Faaaat guuuy in a littttle coat...faaat guuuuy in a littttle coooaaaaat!!!

LMBO hahahahahaha I love this

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I saw all but one of wonder I am unrealistic about marriage!!

It doesn't matter your height, you can be gorgeous no matter what...but being a short girl can be fun!

Planet, star, sun projects. Good for co-op.

Apr 2013- White Chocolate Chex Party Mix- (or also called White my neighbor pointed out) Soooo Delicious!!! Wicked easy and it makes a ton!!! I will add another 1/2 bag of white chocolate chips but only because I tend to fill my "cups" a little over. Will be making this again in the near future. And loved the peanut butter cheerios!