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Leadenhall Market, London. Fun fact: this is where they film the Diagon Alley scenes in the Harry Potter movies

Maida Vale Tube station

Prince William and Kate Middleton will raise their newborn son, Prince George, at Kensington Palace's Apt. 1A which boasts 20 rooms!

Henry VIII was the King of England who separated the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church. When he red the book "The Obedience of a Christian Man" written by William Tyndale -one of the leading figures of the Reformation- the king found the rationale to break the Church in England from the Roman Catholic Church in 1534.

PRINCESS DIANA AND MOTHER TERESA After visiting Mother Teresa's Hospice for the Sick and Dying in India in February 1992, Diana traveled to Rome and New York where she reconnected with the Catholic saint and formed a strong bond based on their charitable efforts. They often collaborated on their many charitable projects.

Windsor Castle - the world's largest and oldest occupied royal residence.

On this day 2nd March,1545 the birth of Sir Thomas Bodley diplomat, scholar and founder of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, England. The library is the main research library of the University of Oxford, and is second only in size to the British Library

4 royal brides 1tiara. the scroll tiara commisioned from Catier by King George the VI, 3 wks before the coronation in 1936 for Queen Elizabeth I. Then passed to their daughter Queen Elizabeth II who never wore it in public, but loaned it to sister Princess Margaret, 2pic. She also loaned it to her only daughter Anne lower left,in her young married years. Queen ELizabeth II most recently loaned this tiara to Catherine Middleton for her wedding to her Grandson Prince William

UK Mickey scene

Paddington Station, London, England

. Those found guilty of piracy were once taken to Execution Dock along the Thames for a very public and painful death by hanging. The corpses were then chained to a stake and held in place until three tides had washed over them. The most famous pirate to reach his end there was Captain Kidd who was found guilty of murder and piracy in 1701. His body was tarred and displayed in an iron cage hung over the River Thames, A reminder can be found behind the historic pub of The Prospect of Whitby

Does this look familiar to you? This location at King's Cross Station was a popular scene used in the Harry Potter movie!