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Soy wax , repurposing baby food jars

A little Metal manipulation and welding..... (oriental trading)


Vanilla started , Mexican, Tahitian, Madagascar, Indonesia - theyll be ready by xmas

Irish spring body wash - 2 personal size bars and lots of water

  • Jill Conley

    update.... after sitting for a while the bodywash is very ¨snotty¨ but still useable

1 - washing soda, big baking soda, borax, oxiclean 3 bars zote

  • Jill Conley

    These homemade soaps do not suds like store bought.... but they do clean your clothes.

Ikea shelf , piece of wood - awesome

Wool Dryer Balls..... I used worsted wool and put them in a sock to wash and dry.... GOOF( should have put them in something tighter so they wouldn't unravel...) I only washed and dried 2 times and their felted...... I will add some essential oil when I use them.

So easy , 20mins

Added a small peg board for small tools

Prettied up my recycling can

painting your fan - I found that the darker the color the better . When I turn my fan on I can see the red and a little of the blue.

99cent store art - looks pretty good -6 photos bracketed together - must all be the same type of frame

Recycled soda bottles..... it really works but the water turns green quickly.

New head board....Richie designed it- who knew he had talent. Chargers from Michaels, beads to connect and butterflies and mirrors to decorate..