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Ian Smith with David Frost (20 September 1968)

Ian Smith with David Frost (20 September 1968)

Oswald Mosley interview with David Frost (15th Nov 1967)

Oswald Mosley interview with David Frost (15th Nov 1967)

Feb. 1, 1979: After President Carter commuted her seven-year sentence for armed robbery, Patricia Hearst was released from prison, having served 22 months. She and her bodyguard, Bernard Shaw, stand outside her mother’s home in Hillsborough, Calif. Hearst and Shaw were married two months later. Hearst was a captive-turned-comrade of a group of 1970s radicals, the Symbionese Liberation Army. She was kidnapped on Feb. 4, 1974, at age 19.

Patty Hearst is freed

Nguyễn Văn Lém (referred to as Captain Bảy Lốp) (killed 1 February 1968) was a member of the National Liberation Front who was summarily executed in Saigon by General Nguyen Ngoc Loan during the Tet Offensive. The execution was captured on film by photojournalist Eddie Adams. The execution was explained at the time as being the consequence of Lém's suspected guerrilla activity and war crimes, and otherwise due to a general "wartime mentality".

Nguyễn Văn Lém - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On a day in which a city stopped, a country went into a frenzy of shock, disbelief, sadness, and anger, and the world watched helplessly behind tears and dropped stomachs, this one man appears at peace. Theres something so haunting about this photograph. One that sticks with you.

The Cairo Gang - A group of 10 British agents who were sent undercover to Dublin to gather intelligence on the IRA. Michael Collins, Irish Revolutionary, discovered the British agents and ordered their assasinations on Nov. 21, 1920. A day that has come to be known as Bloody Sunday.

File:Cairo gang.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Henry VIII's Wives - King Henry VIII Fan Art (3387587) - Fanpop

King Henry VIII Fan Art: Henry VIII's Wives

The day after his execution on October 10, 1967, Guevara's corpse was displayed to the world press in the laundry house of the Vallegrande hospital.

File:FreddyAlbertoChe.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This communist was being loaded on the truck for immediate execution outside of Shanghai. May 1949.

Simba uprising 1964 - 1965, mercenaries, Lieutnant Fernando Calistrat from Romania.

mike hoare - Google Search

Congo Mercenary by Mike Hoare. $21.45. Publisher: Paladin Press (January 1, 2008). Publication: January 1, 2008. Author: Mike Hoare

Mike Hoare's Adventures in Africa by Mike Hoare. $27.00. Publication: August 1, 2010. Publisher: Paladin Press (August 1, 2010). Author: Mike Hoare

Mike Hoare -a mercenary leader known for military activities in Africa and his failed attempt to conduct a coup d'état in the Seychelles.

Mike Hoare - Google Search