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Rowing - bend it and send it

No bending in this picture. What I like about it is they're definitely letting the boat run. You can see the arms and body are ahead of the the knees breaking. Also notice bowman is a little ahead in knee break... stellar bowman

The Training Center - Teaser Trailer

2011 US LM8 - This video is the first 1/2 of 5k steak race. Pretty sick turn at around 7:30 into the video. Kind of a long video, but there's some pretty good rowing here. ▶ First half 5k.mp4 - YouTube

▶ Rowing - 1X World Championships 1982 - Sliding riggers - YouTube It's amazing how little check there is on the stern.

Olympic Rowing Guide

▶ Pete Cipollone, 1997 Head of the Charles - YouTube

▶ 2011 Windermere Cup Final - YouTube

ROWING Magazine | NEWS | FEATURES | TRAINING Great rowing shot!

Symphony of Motion (original movie) by Ken Santucci. Legendary film about Rowing. Featured comments George Pocock,etc

USA Lightweights

SHIVSPIX | Be your personal best

Gotta love Henley. One of the best sporting events in the world. Photos: Amazing sports moments of 2012 -

Photos: Amazing sports moments of 2012


Aust Four Training 2012 - Some really good rowing here. Can't wait for the final in London

2011 US Lightweight Eight