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For a make-shift battling rope, look at the 1.5 Manila Rope, 50 ft length (makes 2 25-footers). For a little extra they'll professionally whip the ends for you to keep it from unraveling. Of course, John Brookfield's the real deal, here:

Sled pulling, dragging and making your own sled. There are a couple of links to DYI sleds here, plus a description of which type of sled pulls best over different surfaces. Moral to that part is: Pick your surface before you build or buy your sled.

Squat Form

Wall Squats

Wall Squats

Ring Dip Push Ups

Ring Dip Push Ups - Planks

Barbell Push Ups

Resistance Push Ups

Double Stability Ball Push Ups

Medicine Ball Push Ups

Medicine Ball Push Ups

Stability Ball Push Ups

Dumbbell Push Ups

Push Up

Wall Push Ups

Pull Ups