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Sewing & Clothing Repurpose

Re-styled tshirt... for you, @Courtney Baker Woltemath

WobiSobi: Things I Made

How to strengthen your thread so it won’t break | 25 Sewing Hacks You Won’t Want to Forget |

sewing 101: the easiest zipper - see kate sew

sewing 101: the easiest zipper - see kate sew

How to cover a duvet the EASY way in UNDER two minutes! Brilliant! #cleaning #lifehacks makinglemonadeblo...

omg! Now I don't have to second guess lol print this out to put near the sewing machine!

Quick Tip: Deciphering The Marks on a Measuring Tape | Sew4Home

Sewing needles I cannot stress enough how nice it is to use the correct needle for the correct job. Ballpoint on knits help with pucker and pulls. Feather's Flights {a creative, sewing blog}: Basics of Sewing Machine Needles

Creative ideas to make your own curtains AND curtain rods! SO many inspiring ideas!

Fashion, Bow Ties, Diy Tutorial, Sleev, Ribbon, Bows, Tee Shirts, T Shirts, Kate Spade

Lace shorts: use soffee shorts. SO SMART - Portal Twoich inspiracji!

Lots & lots of patterns, (printable & instructions)

A tensioning trick you may not know

Sewing Machine Tips - extremely helpful tips on needles, tension, and stitch length.

How to square up fabric...everyone needs to know this

Quilting Instructions for Easy Quilting

How to hem jeans (or any pants), keeping the original hem. Best tip ever!!

Alteration: My new favorite way to keep original hem on jeans

How to fix a broken zipper in minutes. Where has this pin BEEN all my life?

49 Dresses: DIY... This girl is brilliant. She takes clothes from the thrift and re-makes them!

t shirt scarf

25 minute homemade pencil skirt - as good as done. Plus, it's stretch knit and elastic, so... comfy

How to Make a Window Valance- uses foam core instead of wood or mdf! cheaper, easier, and lighter to hang!

Saved By Love Creations Themed 50+ Round-ups — Saved By Love Creations

T-Shirt Quilt: What to do and not to do

15 T shirt projects

Great website with directions for adding sleeves to sleeveless dresses, changing a low neckline and adding length to a dress

Bow sleeve t-shirt from a long-sleeve shirt.

I could have used this years ago... HEM CLIPS. Measure and hold hemming projects without pins! Smooth, stainless steel clips slide onto fabric and hold hem in place while you sew or baste. Built-in measure assures straight, accurate hemlines every time, without tedious pinning (or pricked fingers!). Ideal for skirts, dresses, drapes. $9.98/set of 12