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Eastern European Sushi - breakfast classic

Summer goods

raspberies and mascarpone cheese and white chocolate and you'll have a delicious pie. worth to try!

  • Jolita Katkute

    I am not a friend of recipes .. :) hope it's understandable: 400 g shortcrust pastry 500 g mascarpone cheese 85 g sugar 100g ground almonds 2 eggs 250 g raspberries (fresh or frozen) 100 g white chocolate Place pastry into baking tin and then prepare the "filling": mix eggs with sugar and cheese, then add ground almonds, raspberries and white chocolate. All this mixing should be placed on the pastry and then put into the oven for 20-25 minutes (160 degrees Celsius). When the pie is baked, you should leave oven door open for a while cause the pie has to cool and get stigg a bit. Enjoy!

ok. sushi is so popular today. but I really like sushi!