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For when you learned something that BLEW YOUR MIND. | 26 Essential Cats For Every Occasion

Me when I leave the office on a Friday - Imgur

When you sing your scales and your ARPEEEEGGIOS!!! - The Aristocats

I am laughing so hard I can hardly breathe.

Here's a llama, there's a llama. And another little llama. Fuzzy llama, funny llama. Llama llama, DUCK.

When you go to sneeze, and your brain changes it's mind --- ALL THE TIME

For anyone interested in seeing a startled rabbit in a sink, here’s a startled rabbit in a sink

Ostrich has had better days

introvert humor - Google Search

I think i laughed entirely too hard and too long at this cat but OMG its hilarious

People that are having a worse day than yours…