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How To Get Over Shyness, From Tony Robbins. He makes a great point. Might be cool to ask students "What is your story? How do you describe yourself? Do you believe you can change yourself in little bits, in big bits?" Open up that thinking! Might make a great conversational road to bully busting... Also might encourage quieter kids to participate more in class. Change your script!

Oh happy day for the introvert! This is me sometimes, doesn't mean there is something wrong with me, doesn't mean i'm scared or hiding, and it doesn't mean i don't like you .. it just means that sometimes i like keeping to myself :-)


Sympathetic (fight or flight) vs para sympathetic (slow down). Introverts have a dominant para sympathetic and extroverts have a dominant sympathetic system. Extroverts thrive on dopamine and introverts thrive on acetycholine nuerotransmitter. From the book "The Introvert Advantage" by Marti Laney

You may be able to spot an introvert by the fact that they're a.) not at the party or b.) that they brought a book and/or have made best friends with the host's dog or cat at said party.