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6 memory tricks for students with ADHD (wish website had more child-first language). These tips are not only great for students with ADHD or sensory processing issues, but are also fantastic for all learners! Often when we consider changing our practices for students with special needs, it turns out that it is beneficial for everyone, including you!

6 Memory Tricks for ADHD Students

This is a comprehensive study skills curriculum designed specifically for middle school students. When we say “comprehensive” we mean it! 28 lessons cover cover all aspects of good academic behaviors. You name it, this student-friendly program covers it.

Test ready bulletin board. Each morning they will write a fear on a "marshmallow" then put it on a stick and roast it away. They will get a teddy Graham, drop of chocolate sauce and mini marshmallow smore to eat then take the test.

Test Taking Strategies Bulletin Board

Test Day CD of songs can be purchased to motivate students for their state tests.

"You are ready, feel strong! Work carefully & you won't go wrong! Use your noggin, do not stress! Just do your best on the test!"

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Hello Literacy: Marzano's Six Steps for Vocabulary Instruction

Hello Literacy: Marzano's Six Steps for Vocabulary Instruction