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First Grade RTI

Overlapping Behavioral Characteristics Chart--includes FASD, ADHD, Sensory Intergration Disorder, ASD, bi-polar, RAD, depression, ODD, trauma and poverty

Enjoy converting your lectures into brain based tasks with this faculty guide to help you in a step-by-step adventure. The secondary student-generated centers here will ensure higher motivation and achievement for all your students. How so? In this 15-page booklet you’ll see specific differences between traditional teaching and brain based tasks, and you’ll see how their creation of active centers will double as a learning and discovery adventure also.

  • Dr. Ellen Weber

    Here's to a refreshing brain based day, Julie! Thanks for the pin! Ellen

age-appropriate speech sounds | everything a parent should know about speech development, from #weteach

If you suspect a student in your class has #dyslexia but you are unsure of what to look for, then these tips will help you begin the identification process. Visit the blog to download your copy. topnotchteaching....

He Doesn’t Understand: Comprehension Support for Children with Autism

Can you reset your brain? Important TED talk for art therapists interested in neuroscience

Meeting Students Where They Are-- an RTI LIFESAVER!

wiggle seat for movers in the classroom $13

Strategies for working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. FREE handout.

Solving Dyslexia: 15 Weaknesses and 10 Steps to Remediation ~ Guest Blogger, Dr. Erica Warren

Using the HWT app and other strategies for improving handwriting.

Touch Points Motions for Number Sense. If you want a super easy way to teach 1-to-1 correspondence and number recognition, check out these motions to go with Touch Point Math. $

Nonsense Words RTI & Guided Reading activities {freebie too}

Understanding Reading Interventions

RtI {Small Group} Reading Intervention Lesson Log Sheet

Auditory Processing Disorder Reading Interventions

50 Popular iPad Apps For Struggling Readers & Writers

Testing for dsylexia: a review of Lexercise and online dyslexia evaluation & treatment site.

Blog post explaining the difference between phonological awareness, phonemic awareness and phonics

lots of great social stories to print off on this site! This is an awesome resource!!

FREE Dyslexia Resource Links A 6 page free resource full of links to Facebook pages, websites, YouTube Videos and articles. This is the first free file and our next target will be Autism Spectrum Disorders ADS). This freebie was designed to support our weekly post on our Facebook page.