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This made me cry. For Jessica, my sister, my best friend, my worst enemy, my confidant, my War Buddy. It still hurts that I made it out of our childhood, and you did not. Love you always.....

Tattoo Submission: Johanna (Halmstad)

Both my sisters thumb prints tatooed on my wrist...? rap This is a great idea to use my grandchildrens thumb prints to make a flower. rap

Pink bow tattoo

finger tattoos for women

Cute Tattoo on Finger for Young Girls HD

I would like to frame my cross tattoo on my foot with writing like this - saying: "I walk with faith in the Lord"

white tattoo. I have been wanting a foot tattoo and I love this idea of white in on the foot... Not all in your face

white tattoo on foot - Татуировки на ступнях

All our lives we live in chains but never knew we hold the key

Getting this on my foot to look like its an ankle bracelet tattoo with the word forgive.

White ink tattoos | Latest Tattoos

courage..... i loveeee the light tatoos. ♥3

Super cute! I normally don't care for tatoos, but this has changed my mind;)

One of my goals in life (I'm not even kidding) is to ONLY have band tattoos. So none of these but the different placements are cute.

Watercolor tattoo artist in cancun mexico. Watercolor feather. Tatooed by @Javi Wolf

Kayleigh .... Omg i think i found my first tatoo...a heart tattoo on the foot formed by pulse type of curve #heart #tattoo

a black and white lotus flower tattoo on the arm #lotus #tattoo