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Firstly, how did she fit in the machine? Haha! Plus shows how other organs get squished :/ MRI scan showing a baby in the womb

28 days: new recommendations published on imaging and pregnancy…

The Transparent Woman was made in Cologne, Germany, after 30 years of research. This model has the correct proportions for a woman 5’7 tall. A woman’s body was selected for this exhibit in order to show the organs where conception and birth take place. The skeleton is aluminum, the skin and glands are plastic. Within her are several hundred feet of lighting cable and 30 tiny bulbs, illuminating her organs in anatomically correct position and size.

You get a new skeleton every 10 years. Bone cells are constantly renewed and a new skeleton is ready every 10 years.

flow of blood through the body

Most people know the four blood types, A, B, AB, and O but lesser known are the Japanese personality traits associated with each blood type. (Hmm ???) This infographic contains blood related facts such as blood donation requirements, diseases requiring blood donations, and more.

Three preserved human fetuses, presented in an antique display cabinet. The first is an altogether healthy fetus, the second suffers Polymelia, six arms, and the final, suffers a rare infection of the Shope papilloma virus, which causes of series of horn like growths in the forehead. These three are part of a large collection of human specimens, afflicted with various genetic diseases. more photographs -

Ball point pen drawing by Andrea Schillaci

Left vs Right brain - would be great in the front cover of my math journals