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Shit I Want but Don't Need


  • Alana Szymanski

    I love that you labeled this as "gorg"... that's one of my fave words ;)

  • Jonathan McIntosh

    $7000 for the camera. $150 for the incredible, leather, retro case. I'm not even a photographer, but I have a strong desire to own one of these!

All 20 National Audubon Society Field Guides: African Wildlife. ISBN 0-679-43234-5 Birds: Eastern Region (Rev. Ed.). ISBN 0-679-42852-6 Birds: Western Region (Rev. Ed.). ISBN 0-679-42851-8 Butterflies. ISBN 0-394-51914-0 Fishes. ISBN 0-394-41224-7 Fossils. ISBN 0-394-52412-8 Insects and Spiders. ISBN 0-394-50763-0 Mammals (Rev. Ed.). ISBN 0-679-44631-1 Mushrooms. ISBN 0-394-51992-2 Night Sky. ISBN 0-679-40852-5 Reptiles and Amphibians. ISBN 0-394-50824-6 Rocks and Minerals. ISBN 0-394-50269-8 Seashells. ISBN 0-394-51913-2 Seashore Creatures. ISBN 0-394-51993-0 Trees: Eastern Region. ISBN 0-394-50760-6 Trees: Western Region. ISBN 0-394-50761-4 Tropical Marine Fishes. ISBN 0-679-44601-X Weather. ISBN 0-679-40851-7 Wildflowers: Eastern Region. ISBN 0-375-40232-2 Wildflowers: Western Region. ISBN 0-375-40233-0

Not that I could do anything with it.

Another example of a standard poodle not looking like a walking freak show.

A chocolate standard poodle