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Craft Ideas

Really useful info on how to inkjet print on unusual materials, like burlap!

21 Handmade Wrapping and Decoration Ideas

glue gun mason jars--write on the jar using a glue gun, once dry spray paint in your choice of color

Homemade candle holders: wrap a rubberband around a glass holder, spray paint and remove band once dry!

Drain pipes cut and tied. for athletic shoes, drying, airing, waiting to be cleaned. 'Bring us your wet, your stinky, your waiting to be cleaned' for a closet motto ;-D

Our last trip to Pismo Beach, CA before moving out of state, I made sure to scoop some sand and shells/rocks from the beach to take with us. Now I have a great idea to display it. I love friends who find great ideas and email them to me!

Wall Art made from toilet paper rolls, a picture frame and some black paint!

A great way to re-use your wine bottles. Simply just tape off the design you want and then spray paint.