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Open Sea Cam at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Open Sea Cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Open Sea Cam at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Open Sea Cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

When an Army of Artists Fooled Hitler...."Shilstone was one of 1,100 soldiers who formed the unit, also known as the Ghost Army. They were artists and illustrators, radio people and sound guys. Handpicked for the job from New York and Philadelphia art schools in January 1944, their mission was to deceive the enemy with hand-made inflatable tanks, 500-pound speakers blasting the sounds of troops assembling and phony radio transmissions."

A 1,200-year old European pilgrimage route is experiencing a revival. Last year alone, some 200,000 followed in the footsteps of their medieval forebears on the Way of St. James, making their way some 750 miles from Paris across France to the Spanish coastal city of Santiago de Compostela, and the relics of the eponymous apostle. But now, what was once a strictly religious affair has become a cultural and social phenomenon that attracts the nonreligious as well.

"This isn't finished. But it will be. Two residential towers, dense with trees, will have their official opening later this year in downtown Milan, Italy, near the Porta Garibaldi railroad station. (The image is not a photograph, but an architect's rendering. The towers are built and the trees are going in right now.) I love this. I think these towers are gorgeous. Milan is a very polluted town; these trees will cleanse the air, pumping out oxygen and greening the cityscape."

In Italy, elaborate chocolate Easter eggs are considered the food gift of choice this time of year.

This spectacular night-time view of Earth is called Black Marble. It has been assembled from a series of cloud-free images acquired by one of the most capable satellites in the sky today - the Suomi spacecraft.

Sacre Bleu! French Bees' Taste For M's Makes For Colored Honey 10/5/12

Reading this right now- loving it! So funny, insightful, and true.

The Two Majesties Jean-Léon Gérôme

If only this came solitary, and not in a set of four....

I want a houndtooth coffee mug for Christmas. : )