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Snap it!

boudoir poses. I have been looking everywhere for this!

Wedding Party - the app for your wedding

HAHAHAHA! I don't really think the double chin thing will work. Pinning it anyway. Mainly because it is funny...on a few levels. :)

How to pose standing up | Boudoir Diary : Marlen James' Boudoir Photography Toronto in Action

Easy to understand Christmas bokeh tutorial showing you how to take beautiful holiday photos -

boudoir photography start...great little tips

49 Awesome Photography Hacks, Mods And DIY Projects

Make your own Camera Bag Purse. Just FYI I was prepared to spend upwards of 170 for one of these, so this is a HUGE savings for anyone who is a photographer and can get a little crafty.

Delete tourists from your travel photos 1: Set your camera on a tripod. 2: Take a picture about every 10 seconds until you have about 15 shots 3: Open all the images in Photoshop by going to File > Scripts > Statistics. Choose “median” and select the files you took. 4: Bam! Photoshop finds what is different in the photos and simply removes it! Since the people moved around, it fills the area where someone was standing with part of another photo where no one was there.

No more "say cheeeese" How to get the best facial expressions... *wow. These are awesome explanations with visuals to match.

I love this!! I want us on my wall like this.

8 things you didn't know your dslr could do ... improvephotography

Lifes a blur how to get blured photos 1.jpg