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Turkish Spindle made of Oak and Hemlock Hand Carved

turkish drop spindle pattern - Google Search

Turkish Spinning Tutorial - Knit Picks Tutorials

turkish drop spindle pattern - Google Search

Drop Spindles on Pinterest | 92 Pins

Love spending hours at the lathe spinning raw wood into beautiful projects? Here are a few reader submitted tricks to help you turn even better.

Build your own lathe. I found this same plan 3 years ago when hunting for treadle lathe ideas. Still considering building one for show demos.

Walnut Top Spin by Herman Miller From The SHOP at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

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Hand-Turned Wooden Spinning Top, 2010, Pagoda Tree/Birch/Japanese Yew/Bogwood | 1" D x 1.5-2" H | carved wooden tops from Mokkougei Sasahara Co. (est. 1970), handmade in Hokkaido, Japan with a wood lathe (there, they are known as Koma) | $.8.50