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  • Katie Byrom

    I agree that all body types are beautiful, but I think the difference is that the media and society doesn't constantly gripe on skinny girls to gain weight. As the social black sheep those of us that are thicker than what is accepted as the standard have had to constantly be on the defensive. Not saying that anyone should be put down for their body shape, but us chubby chicks have been branded ugly and unacceptable for a long time. I think it's a good thing that skinny people are now getting the same treatment, maybe you'll understand where we're coming from better.

  • Taylor Anson

    I think that's an extremely ignorant thing to say. If the person who picked on you got put down for being a bully, that's one thing. But to call out every skinny woman and try and make them feel self conscious and ugly is cruel. I certainly don't appreciate being put down because of the media's naivety. And I also consider all of these memes on pinterest, facebook, ect, is griping at skinny girls. So if we are all being brought down by the same source, why turn on each other? You'd think us women would stick together. But there are far too many followers and not so many people with a mind of their own these days. So sad.

  • Katie Byrom

    You're right. It is sad. And that may have sounded ignorant but it's how I feel. As someone who was once humiliated daily for being overweight I'm glad that now I can flaunt my curves and be accepted. And honestly, it's the way of the world. A white person hates on a black person they're racist, but a black person hates on a white person they're just oppressed. A man hates on a woman he's a pig, but a woman hates on a man and she's showing strength. It's unfair and uncalled for on all levels, but it's reality. Don't like it, change it. Would you be sticking up for fat girls if this image was directed the other way?

  • Taylor Anson

    I have and always will stick up for women of all sizes. I do not believe any of those things are okay, and I certainly won't begin to just because everyone else does. You don't have to make someone else feel ugly to flaunt your curves. That just makes you as low as the people that humiliated you... Don't fall into that nonsense. Punish the deed, not the breed.

  • Katie Byrom

    Well, know that you are a rare type of person. Really this image I see as more insulting the guys that only go for skinny women rather than the women themselves. I don't attack anyone for their body type, unless they attack me first. Yeah it lowers me to the same level but after dealing with being shamed for almost 20 years I'm a little bitter, and I don't feel bad about that.

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