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Maestros Preescolares en Accion: Carteles Educativos

Maestros Preescolares en Accion: Carteles Educativos


We used this chart to review silabas cerradas

60 Silabas Trabadas se representan en 12 paginas Students trace Syllables with Blends and color the five matching pictures.

Trazando Silabas Trabadas - Tracing Spanish Syllables with Blends

Palabras que comienzan con la letra trabada "bl":  - bla, ble, bli, blo, blu. Tabla, Mueble, Biblia, Bloque, Blusa.

Word list of syllables ce/ci from Hola Mimi Book 1. First grade Spanish Immersion.

$6 Syllable Cards in Spanish by vowel groups with lots of games to play during literacy centers

Cartas de las Silabas - Syllable Cards in Spanish

Estos son juegos de silabas para estudiantes de pre-k a 1 grado....

Juego de Silabas para Pre-k - 1

Spanish Writing Words with A Syllables: Includes 4 separate spelling pages: each available with and without handwriting lines! $

"A Syllables" Writing Words: Spelling (Spanish)

Spanish Read and Cover Game with A and E Syllables: Students read words with A and E syllables (ma, me, pa, pe, etc.) and put a marker on the picture that represents the word. $

"A and E Syllables" Read and Cover Game (Spanish)

Sílabas abiertas y cerradas

Beginning Sound Sort. Adapt for silabas

The Princess and the Tot: What's on the Tray?

formando silabas in small groups. By Sandra I Ruiz

Cosicas para el cole: Palabras con JE, GE, JI, GI

Play Syllable Games to Develop Prereading Skills in Spanish {Printable Game} | Preschool Spanish |

Preschool Spanish

I Teach Dual Language: Estudiando palabras: Palabras con r/rr

cuaderno de silabas

silabas con la letra a

First Grade Spanish Dual Immersion
  • Angelica Sandoval

    Wow so cool to see this on Pinterest! I did this years ago!

  • Jen Mayer

    Teaching silabas by vowels this year, and haven't found many resources so this is great!

LWS Phonics Making Words Kinder Carla 2009 Spanish - YouTube

Silabas dominoes