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Early Intervention/Therapy Toys and Tools for Infants/Toddlers

These toys and tools promote productive play and teach skills for kids with special needs and for typically developing kids.

EZ socks makes socks that are easy to pull up, helping kids with low muscle tone and fine motor issues dress independently.

Monster Stripes

EZ Socks makes underwear with special holes in the waistband where kids with fine motor needs can hook their fingers into, making pulling up the underwear easy.

Toddler pull up training underwear, boxers and briefs

how to work speech and language skills into your nightly bedtime routine. good handout for early intervention.

PLAE - Shoes for Orthotics and AFOs. These shoes are stylish and you can choose the color of the velcro straps. So cute. They are available in Toddler size 8 and larger.

PLAE - Shoes for Orthotics and AFOs

35 simple & engaging fine motor activities for kids; lots of fun ideas that can be set up in seconds!

Fine Motor Activities for Kids ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

I have done this activity before and the kids love it! You just need a Styrofoam base, flower wire, and colored beads or pasta. This will keep you kid busy for awhile. #necklace #Bracelets #Fashion

Vintage Spring Fashion Blog -

Child Talk: Communication Temptations: How Use Your Environment to Get Your Child Talking

6 Exercises to help kids with Down syndrome learn to walk

6 Exercises to help kids with Down syndrome learn to walk

Everyday physical therapy: Early physical therapy important for children with Down syndrome

Developmental milestones. Age appropriate toys - birth-2 months: mobiles. 2-4 mos: rattles, cradle gym. 4-6 mos: bright color toys (small enough to grasp, large enough for safety). 6-9 mos: large toys w bright colors, movable parts, and noise makers. 9-12 mos: books w large pictures, teddy bears.

MightyTykes Infant and child weights designed to promote a child's physical strength and stability. These weights may help with overall weakness, one-sided weakness, toe-walking, sensory issues, hypotonia, tremors, visual field cut. Weights are lead free and latex free and are made in the USA.

Strong and Stable from the Start.

PLAYSKOOL POPPIN' PARK RUMBLIN' ANIMALS Toy. This is another great toy with elastic that requires your little one to use two hands to play. Pulling helps build strength and dexterity. For beginners, parent or therapist can hold the larger part of the toy at all different angles and have the child pull the small part directly down, across the midline, etc.

Infantino - Jittery Pals. These toys are great tools for developing early coordination skills and muscle strength. Practice reaching straight up to pull down and practice angled pulls too.

Hape - Playfully Delicious - Shish Kabob Basics - Play Set:Amazon:Toys & Games

Fisher Price Barnyard Bingo Game. This game is great on many fronts...speech development, social interaction, requesting, matching, color matching...

Fisher Price Barnyard Bingo Game