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I LOVE this!! Kids bring in a picture frame of their families and the classroom is decorated with them! How sweet to connect home and school!

Eberhart's Explorers: Pinning fool

Magnetic Towel Bar used on whiteboard for displaying anchor LOVE!

Sugar and Spice: Easy and Cheap Anchor Chart Display!

I can board. Would 100% use this in my classrooms so students know what they are doing for the day and also helps administrators and parents see what the objectives are for the day. Much better than having plain objectives written across the board.

End of Year Activity I will definitely be doing this year! Each student writes one word that describes each of their classmates. Teacher then takes words and makes a word cloud as a gift for students.

This is a fun game which is great for football season and will get your students moving as they practice their multiplication facts. This is a quick way to see who knows their multiplication facts or use it as an assessment after you have taught the facts. You could also use the cards in a center.$ #multiplication#math#education#scoot game#teaching ideas#learning#TPT

FREE Turkey Coloring Page~ Lots of detail that makes coloring so fun! Great site with many other designs including an octopus, giraffe, and elephant!

Reading Is Thinking: Reading Strategies of Great Readers - Connections, Predictions, Inferences, Questions, Summarizing - teach and practice with this printable bundle!