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Strategy: Subtraction Anchor chart Subject: Numbers & Operations Process: Problem solving Common Core: 2.NBT.5 Fluently add and subtract within 100 using strategies based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction. Need: strategy for abstract practice Goal: trick for procedural knowledge Materials: anchor chart Summary: Teach students procedural poem, practice with subtraction problems

Blog Hoppin': Two Digit Subtraction with a Freebie!

This fun game can be used to help children revise mental math facts, times tables and simple mathematical equations.

Math Games for Kids: Uno Flip | Childhood101

Decimal Place Value Anchor Chart - I used this idea and edited it slightly by having the students use grid paper to create squares 10cm by 10cm. We subdivided them to drive home that the more you "cut" a shape the smaller the pieces are, something that is more abstract for students to grasp.

{FREE!} Interactive Notebook Divider Tabs - CCSS Math Grades 1-5

{FREE!} Interactive Notebook Divider Tabs - CCSS Math Grades 1-5

This website features great ideas for teachers when they are teaching math. It shows how to mangage your classroom activities, organization and what activities students have fun completing.

My Journey to 5th Grade: Math Workshop, Task Cards and a Freebie

3rd Grade Thoughts: Math Rotations: Math Centers. I think I could adapt this to 5th Grade Pretty Easily.

3rd Grade Thoughts: Math Rotations: Math Centers

Math mistakes in advertising! I'm using these photos next year for a fun intro fifth grade math lesson. These are hilarious!

10 Photos That Definitively Prove Math Is Really, Really Hard

Want to look into this: Math Daily 5 (BUILD) B=Buddy Games, U=Using Manipulatives, I=Independent Working/Reading, L=Learning About Numbers, D=Doing Math

FREEBIE!! 5th Grade Common Core Spiral Math Homework - 4 Weeks FREE!

Fifth Grade Common Core Math Homework - FIRST QUARTER - 4 Weeks

starting math workshop

educationjourney: Getting Started

How to set up a math "workshop" that is manageable in an upper elementary classroom. (from someone who always taught whole group!)

Teaching in Room 6: Math "Workshop"

FREE MATH PRINTABLES~ Patterning math worksheets, long division, all skills and levels. Good resource!

Patterning Worksheets | Free Printable Patterning Worksheets

Fraction to Decimal...lots of great math anchor charts here!

Math Anchor Charts

Video on Exponents…5th and 6th grades

Great to use as an instructional tool. You can click on the bars at the top to cover parts of the equation as you explain how to solve for n.

10 classroom routines that get kids talking (and writing) about math strategies