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100th Day Activities

100th day freebie

freebie letter

100th Day writing freebie

Lots of great ideas for the 100th day!!

The 100th day of school brings with it the opportunity to celebrate with our students. If your kiddos are like MY kiddos, then these hands-on, challenging activities will be just the thing you need to add some fun to your celebration. ($)

100th Day challenge for big kids

100th Day game freebie

100th Day freebies

Sarah's First Grade Snippets: 100th Day Freebies
  • Renee Ogburn

    I love this BUT if you go to the website and click on the link to download, all kinds of popup things download into your computer. I spent my entire planning trying to remove them all.

100th Day freebies

100th day snack freebie

100 bookmark

100th Day Owl bookmarks

free 100th day # scavenger hunt

100th Day & 120th Day Number Scavenger Hunt

100th Day Project freebie...includes parent letter and a rubric for grading project

100 Chart freebie

100th day free download--printable bookmarks. 2 of them have 100th day activities!

100th day of would love this!

Joyful Learning In KC

count to 100, on 100 day!

Little Miss Glamour Goes To Kindergarten: happy 100th day!

sponge towers : cheap and quiet -- would be good for a100th day activity

100 day free

DIY 100th day of school shirt

100th day activiites

100th day news freebie

This is a fun little game that my first graders had a blast playing on our 100th day!I made it for this special day.. but we will be playing it...

100th Day of School Dime Game